PIE Foundry

Polymer Implantable Electrode Foundry

Custom-made polymer microelectrodes for neuroscience research

Our Mission

The Polymer Implantable Electrode (PIE) Foundry is a technology resource funded by the NIH BRAIN Initiative, dedicated to providing tools and training for neuroscientists. We specialize in the development of polymer microelectrode arrays (MEA), a new technological approach for neural recording and stimulation. Our thin, flexible, biocompatible electrodes may be ideal for your chronic animal experiments.

Our services include:

  • Production of custom-made polymer MEAs based on your experimental needs
  • Polymer microlithography services for users submitting their own designs
  • Electronics packaging of polymer MEAs for your system requirements
  • Workshops and training guides on polymer MEA usage
  • Testing and metrology for quality-assurance
All services are free to the academic community contingent on proposal submission.

Contact Us

University of Southern California
1002 West Childs Way MCB-496
Los Angeles, CA 90089-1111

P: (213) 764 7969
E: PIEFoundry at USC dot edu


Come see us at GRC Neuroelectronic Interfaces 2024, Mar. 10–15 in Galveston, TX

Registration for our free online workshop (May 27/29) is now open!



Peripheral Nerve

Parylene Cortical Probe
Parylene Hippocampal Probe
Parylene Peripheral Nerve Probe